Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Checking In

I'm way behind on blogging because my free moments have been wrapped up with planning a certain 2 year old's birthday party, designing that same little guy a Halloween costume, and working on Foster Care training. Add in Bible Study Fellowship, that I started a couple weeks ago with some friends, and working at my old job (a furniture showroom) on Saturdays and you'll see why I'm one busy gal. Still, I shall vow to be better!

Lots to update and share...first, Rylin's playroom was featured on my most favorite design blog Ohdeedoh! I seriously had a mini dancing celebration when I saw it for the first time! I am so honored it was chosen and it has inspired me to continue with a few other creative projects. I also joined Pinterest (as if I needed something else to do) and I've been collecting all kinds of ideas. More to come on that.

As I mentioned, our Foster Care training has been pretty time consuming. We finished our last night of six week PRIDE training last night and still have a few more days of other kinds of training in the next two months. When all training and paper work is complete, we will start our homestudy...hopefully to be approved/certified by the end of the year. I'll be adding some info for those interested to the side of the blog that includes all our requirements. They are quite extensive, even more than with our domestic adoption ,but the process is actually shorter.

Rylin has been active as ever and enjoying Mother's Day Out! Can hardly believe he'll be two in less than a month!

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