Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Summer is here and it is hot as usual in Dallas. I have been trying to find fun activities for us to do indoors and out and cram some learning opportunities in somewhere. I saw this great idea at over at one of my favorite blogs and decided we should start some planning too. I have these bi fold doors that I painted in chalk board paint a while back that sit in our dining room. Not that we have to do all of our list, but having some inspiration for when we have time to fill is great.

One of the items on our list...library lapsit for toddlers. Our local library is literally right down the street and offers a free story/music time weekly during the summer. Today was our second visit, and I really think Rylin loves it. At least that's what he told me in the car afterwards..."did you love lapsit, Rylin?"....."yeah". Because it falls right before or after nap time (depending on when he got up that morning), he has been more subdued. Today they got to get up and dance, and he was really showing off. Hopefully this will be a fun time for both of us and he will actually learn something!

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