Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Place for a Playroom

I've been dreaming of a playroom for a while now. I know...I'm not even the kid, right?! But, I would LOVE to have a space to hold these multiplying toys and be able to shut the door when someone comes over instead of running around the house cramming things in baskets and on shelves in MY living area. So when my brother and sister-in-law handed down my nephew's train table for Rylin, it was the last straw. I got to scheming. See I have lots of time to scheme these days and it drives Jordan crazy. He comes home from work and I have a new "plan" every day. First our patio, the back yard, the dining room, the closet...I'm always coming up with a project. His most dreaded words, "I have an idea" bring thoughts of dollar signs to his mind. So when I mentioned my latest brilliant scheme, he just sighed. I had to reassure him that it wouldn't cost him...too much, and as with most things he agreed to just go along with it. Such a good hubby. Our house isn't too big, but we do currently have a guest room/office. You may remember when it got combined for Rylin's arrival to our family. It has been a good space for us but recently has become a little inefficient. (I'm all about using all the space you have) With the purchase of my laptop and Jordan getting his own laptop through work, we rarely use our desk top computer except for printing. Our only overnight guests (my parents and the occasional dog sitter/house sitter) only use the bed three or four times a year. So this room seemed like it was meant for such a purpose. I quickly decided that the love seat in our master bedroom could go as it was only collecting dust and helping us procrastinate with putting away the laundry, and become the new home for our desk and computer. I've become a real Craigslist nerd so it didn't take me long to find a willing buyer. I'm now trying to sell the bed to replace with a daybed trundle combo so that our guests won't be on the sofa, and then the project will be on its way. I'll chronicle my progress as I go and hope to be finished before Rylin's outgrown the toys I put in it!


  1. ooh I'm excited to see this!! Post pics of the other projects mentioned to if ya have some to share! :)