Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Water Baby

Summer has arrived in Texas and thus my whining for a pool has commenced. Since the giant maple in our backyard is dashing my chances for a below ground oasis, I guess we're just stuck with (as my friend Rebecca would say) the giant turtle. Or in our case, the plastic blue thing from Target. A couple years back, when we learned our fat bulldog liked the water but couldn't quite get his short legs moving fast enough to swim, we bought him his own kiddie pool.
Much to his delight and ours, we have enjoyed it more than we ever thought. Jordan and I even got desperate enough to lay in it once! However, in the spirit of Duke moving down the family priority totem pole, it seems it will now become someone else's. We ceremoniously broke it out of the garage attic and cleaned it up on Saturday. I managed to stuff myself in a swimsuit (don't worry, no pics of that) and dressed Rylin too, while Jordan snapped some pictures of another great first. I had to laugh at my child's natural "base tan" next to the blinding nature of my own brilliant white legs! (so jealous) The water was cool, but Rylin definitely enjoyed it. We practiced for his upcoming swim lessons...

Duke was not sure what to think...


  1. so sweet! 103 this Friday - fill up that pool! :)

  2. Hey kid- whatcha doing in my pool?