Saturday, June 26, 2010

8 Months Old

Rylin was eight months old Friday! Times flies when your having fun...and are we ever! This month Rylin has added crawling and pulling up to his list of tricks. He's even started making his way around things on his feet and likes to let go with his arms straight out before falling back on his bottom. He eats three "real" meals a day, loves to repeat sounds and head shakes, and has two shiny white teeth. It seems like his personality grows daily and he can be a real sweety. He loves to charm the old ladies at the grocery store with his squinty grin and dimples, and has started giving out wet open mouth kisses to me and Jordan. He loves trying to put his paci in Jordan's mouth and this week attempted to use Duke as a step ladder to the sofa. Duke usually just moves out of the way when he sees Rylin coming (especially if he's cruising in his walker), but occasionally he sticks around to give a lick or two (to which Rylin opens his mouth...yuck!). He likes to play on the floor in his room or on the rug in the living room and his favorite toy is whatever kitchen utensil Jordan has given him on any given day. Plastic cups and the potato masher seem to be the most popular. He also loves paper. The quicker you try to get it away from him, the more feverishly he tears! He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. This week I discovered him chewing on the following items at one time or another; books, a calculator, my flip flop, the leg of a chair, Duke, a tissue, his monitor (which he knocked into his crib), a magnet from the fridge, the sofa, his piggy bank, a CD, and I could go on. Seems like all I do is pull things out of his mouth and shudder at what germs he's picked up. I have learned to let a lot of things go, and I know that having a boy will teach me to continue that trend!
neighborhood watch

master of escape!


  1. this post made me laugh! ...but i'm sure you have some days (or at least moments) when you're not laughing about it!! malachi is just starting the "eating" :) that pic of Rylin and your dog looking out the window is priceless. your dog's legs are muscular looking! what kind of dog?

  2. I can't believe how big he is getting! I looked back at the previous months and he was such a little peanut then! He's gonna charm the ladies for sure!

  3. Duke is our lovable English Bulldog:)