Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day

Mother's Day holds new meaning for me this year, but probably not for the reason you may think. It is a special day since it is the first time I will celebrate "in the first person", but I really think the focus for me will still remain the same as who it has been in previous years...but with a clearer appreciation!

I know that a lot of who I am as a mother I owe to my own mom, and as much as I sometimes like to deny it, I am a lot like her. A few things that I've already picked up...

*worrying (a.k.a. praying harder)
*talking in that annoying baby voice with the scrunched up nose
*loving my time in the rocking chair with my baby
*drinking coffee early in the morning in order to engage in a civilized manner with my child and the rest of the world
*giving my child ridiculous nick names (me & my brothers were DK Magilicutti, Ricardo, & Angelita Sopapilla)
*getting weepy when anyone talks about my baby growing up
*peeing with the door open
*singing (no matter how far fetched the song) in an attempt to distract my child from crying

I discover new things every day! Seriously! Rylin is only six months old. Wait until he's in high school...I'll probably be raising one eyebrow at him and wearing a robe. One like my Mom's big, purple, furry robe that me and my brothers referred to her in as "the bear"!

Still, I should be blessed to have inherited even half of my mother's characteristics. As much as I like to joke about the things that drive me batty, there are a million things that ting my heart. I still wish my mother were with me every time I get sick. Only she really understands when I'm too choked up to talk. She always has a listening ear. Sound advice. Calm perspective. I can count on her to share in any disappointment or excitement. Surprise me with something thoughtful. Remember every special occasion. Challenge me to be better. Speak the truth. Encourage me often and love me no matter what I do.

My mother is retiring from teaching in a few weeks after 25 years. I know that she has made an impact on many more lives than just those of her own children. After attending her retirement party last week, it was evident that she will be greatly missed. Except for the "I've never seen Ida mad" comment (refer back to the purple robe and the nickname), I could relate to all of what her fellow teachers remarked. My mom is down to earth, loving, creative, genuine, and smart. She was born to be a teacher, and designed to be a Mom. Today, I remember to thank God that he made her mine. I couldn't have asked for a better example.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I think I get it now:)

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  1. that is so sweet! i hope bonnie is able to say that about me some day. i could never explain how i felt or what i was missing out on not having a mother, but after reading what you wrote about aunt ida, it sums it all up. ~Valerie