Friday, May 21, 2010

It's finished. I think...

I promised to post pictures when I finally completed the decorating of the nursery, and six months from start date, I think I can say I'm there. Maybe. The last piece I added derived from the theme of the room and my longing for a table something like this, but as always...much less expensive.

My crafty father managed to score me a great piece of oak stump (a better color for the room) and widdled it into quite a unique little table. A coat of lacquer and you'd hardly believe that it was anything but the perfect baby bottle holder!

And here's everything together.

Anybody need a nursery designed anytime soon? I already have more ideas than Jordan will let me have babies!


  1. I don't have a nursery but a home! It looks great Angela; a really cute room that anyone would be happy to call home.

  2. This is just precious!!!! Oh I love it!

  3. Totally cute! Ready to do a kitchen? You just have the "touch".

  4. did you do the tree yourself?? my plan has been to paint one, but that is on how you did it/what you used?

    ps. your son has similar characteristics to my 5 mo old boy, so it's fun to look at your pics and smile :)

    double ps. i want to follow you, but can't find your "follow" link?

  5. thanks for replying on my blog! i'm following you now! can't remember how i even found you... :) thru someone's blog, i'm sure!