Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Times with Friends

Rylin had his first play date this week. Let's face it, at this age, it was really more of a Mommy play date. None the less, he made some new friends on the play mat. We are blessed to have so many friends with babies around the same age. I foresee many more play dates to come.

Avery, Carson, Ava, and Rylin

Today we had our small group from church over to watch the Cowboy's playoff game. Although we didn't win, we still had a good time. Once again, Rylin got to hang out with some of his friends too.

Atticus, Rylin, Henry, and Adelay

sporting our Romo jerseys

You wouldn't know we were loosing by the smile on Jordan's face!


  1. I want to play too!
    I'm still upset the cowboys aren't going to the superbowl. :(