Thursday, January 7, 2010

All dressed up...

The winter blast apparently hit us today...or so I saw on the news. Rylin and I have been indoors most of the week, so I have been a little oblivious to what is going on with the weather. However, all the talk by the weathermen got me thinking today.
Have you ever had that outfit you just loved, but that you didn't get to wear much because it wasn't "climate appropriate"? Well, Rylin got the cutest little snow pouch for Christmas from Jordan's Aunt and Uncle, Rick and Barbara. I was trying to figure out a good excuse to put him in it. You know, like..."Jordan, we really need to take a trip to Colorado to go skiing" or "I think it's about time that we took a vacation to New York". Yeah, Jordan didn't go for any of my ideas, so instead, Rylin and I just got all dressed up to make the 20 yard trek to the mailbox.

He was excited as I was!


  1. so cute! he really gets more adorable with every post . . .if that's even possible.

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  3. Look at those cheeks!! I want to squeeze them!