Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Boys

Duke is still fond of his new little buddy, but not overly interested in what he's doing all the time. That is, until Jordan pays attention to Rylin. This is a moment I caught the other day with all the guys.

Duke likes to rest his head on things. Anything. So Rylin's tummy was a natural perch. Rylin didn't seem to mind. I think I even caught a little smile. Dang that Duke...he would be the first to make him smile!


  1. Duke is saying, " Hey kid, wanna be in pictures with me? "

    I expect to see them on Martha Stewart or some other website. ;)

  2. I have enjoyed following your blog sooooo much! You have a beautiful family and it is such a joy to witness God's amazing work in your lives.

  3. Love the picture of Duke and Rylin!