Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Application has been received...

We got the email that our application is received and that a social worker is being assigned to us. We should get an email sometime soon to set up office interviews and our home study. I think I've checked my mailbox at least a hundred times in the last week!


  1. We love you guys! We're praying for the child God will give you. You will be awesome parents! Love, Jennifer & Richie Wines

  2. I can't tell yall how proud we are of you guys. I cannot wait to see you & Jordan as parents. I know that God already has the right mother in mind for you & we are praying for her & the baby. We love yall so much! Love, David, Anna, Shelby, & Luke

  3. So glad you started the blog. I can't wait to hear your journey and see you guys as parents soon!
    Becky, Brett and Natalie:)