Monday, May 5, 2014

Miles Nursery

It took me six months to finish Rylin's nursery.  You may remember it from here.  It seems the owl and woodland theme really took off since then. (I won't claim to have started it, but at least I had to be on the cusp!)  Well, we'd all had enough of it here in this house so I was excited to reinvent the room with a new baby.  Since we didn't find out the sex, I decided to hold off on decorating and instead plan two different nurseries, one for a boy and one for a girl, and then execute the one that was decided on delivery day.

So ten months later (yes, I'm slower with two kids), Miles finally has his nursery.  Though he's not really sleeping in it short of the occasional cat nap, we do enjoy playing in it and he does get his diaper changed there.  It's also still our guest room, so it gets plenty of use.

The scenic print I painted on a drop cloth was the last addition to the room.

I made art for over the crib and the Camp Miles sign was made by my cousin for Mile's shower from a log cut from the tree in my yard growing up.

The fabric for the sheet was the first thing I purchased for the room.  It has cute little canned ham campers, fox and bears, and a river with canoes.
I used salvaged drawers from on old kitchen my dad remodeled as wall shelves and backed them with topographic maps of Colorado.  They hold books, trinkets, and a few vintage toys.

The log side table my Dad made and the vintage rocker are still favorites from Rylin's nursery.  My Mom found the canoe lamp at a thrift store and I added a new shade.

I used the mobile from the old nursery and added 50's travel post cards that fit the colors of the room perfectly.  I love that some of them actually have writing on them about someones vacation.  I used an old galvanized bucket I had for storing his stuffed animals.

I saw this cool idea on Pinterest for making your curtain rod pull double duty as a shelf.  A few shelf brackets, and a handy husband put it together for me.  It holds little thrift store finds and Miles blocks.  The curtains were a full sheet from the Company Store that I hardly had to alter to make them fit.


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  2. Love it!!! I've been looking for vacation postcards too!!! Hawaiian themed for our bedroom. Nice job lady