Saturday, January 4, 2014

End of Year Wrap Up

So I realize it's the beginning of the year, but here's a quick update to wrap up the end of 2013 for us!
We had a fun Thanksgiving with my family.  Lots of food and cousins! 
We made our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm to cut down our perfect tree.

Then Rylin helped decorate.  The first year in three that we didn't have to put a "fence" around it.  Next year doesn't look promising!

We perfected our back wrap.
We celebrated Gramps 60th birthday!
We made t-rex gingerbread cookies.

Miles got cuter.

Miles and Clifton hung out at the Taylor Christmas party.

Then they met their cousin Ellie.  It's not easy being the only girl.

Rylin liked his homemade Christmas gift from Daddy, and Miles got a quilt from Mommy.

We had a fun Christmas morning.


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