Saturday, August 4, 2012

Where did July go?

So whatever I said about being busy before...scratch that.  Almost two weeks ago we accepted our second placement, a one month old baby girl.  That's three kids under three and they have us on our toes for sure!  We have all had some "adjusting" to do, especially Rylin, but it has been fun having another girl around the house.  I didn't waste any time stocking up on bows and dresses, completely tasteful of course.  Then this week I left Jordan with all three to fly to Mexico with my Mom to be in my cousin, Candyce's wedding.  My friend Bethany helped out a ton by keeping the kids two days so Jordan could work, but I think he had a few sleepless nights shuffling feedings and kids crawling into bed. We had a fun, quick vacation but I was ready to get back.  I'd love to post some cute pic's of Baby Girl (as we find ourselves calling her) but because I can't, here are a few from my jaunt to Mexico.

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