Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We Are Foster Parents!

Last Friday as I was struggling through Target with a wild and rebellious two year old I got our first placement call.  Within a couple hours Mr. D arrived at our house!  He is a 6 month old chunky thing with a fuzzy little mohowk and a laid back personality.  Love at first sight!  It didn't take long for us to get to know each other and that's a good thing since his social worker didn't hang around for long.  The little guy is in a Spica cast (from his chest to his ankle) for a fractured femur so we have had some challenges.  Like can I talk about a difficult diaper change?!  He is so relaxed considering the uncomfortable position he's stuck in.  After he arrived, I made a trip BACK to Target for a convertible car seat (because of the cast he doesn't fit in an infant carrier) and formula, and yesterday I hit up the Nappy Shoppe for a carrier.   I went intending to get a Moby wrap but the owner convinced me to get the Mei Tai.  I'm hoping it will help enable me to go places with both boys and I love babywearing:)  I was so thankful little man arrived before the weekend so I had Jordan home to help make the adjustment from one boy to two!  We haven't had much sleep but it is getting better.  As I suspected this has been a whirlwind!

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  1. oh goodness! do you know how thrilled i am for you guys!? and how it stirs my own heart for what is ahead for us...which i'm not even clear on yet. so glad you get to love on this little one. praying for you guys and Rylin as y'all transition to 4!