Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update

I am happy to say that it has been over a month, and we are still cloth diapering! For all you naysayers, sceptics, and those still on the is really not that big of a deal. If I can do it...anyone can! I have learned a few things that have made my life easier, but overall the switch was not a dramatic one. I shall divulge for those that are interested...otherwise, you may skip this post:)

Poo is poo. (Or as my Mom says..."It" happens) Yes, its gross to deal with, but in my opinion, your "involvement" with it isn't much different than with disposables. I did purchase a sprayer to hook to the back of the toilet, though my husband has not acquired the necessary part to attach it to our mid 70's plumbing. When I have a spray worthy diaper, I usually take it outside to the garden hose (which is rare). Toilet paper can get off most solids that don't "drop" out on their own just fine. I made a handy little "nappy" bag that I put dirty diapers in for a total of $1 from a dollar store plastic draw string laundry bag and some scrap fabric.

It has worked magically and hangs out of reach on the back of the bathroom/bedroom door. I usually wash one load of diapers a day since I purchased 12. Rylin goes through 5 or 6 daily so this allows me some wiggle room. About washing. I purchased the Rockin' Green diaper detergent but might try one with baking soda next for the odor control and price. I learned quickly that something was off with my washing methods when it burned my eyes to put them in the washing machine! After some research on the Internet I figured out they needed to be stripped (aka...removal of built up detergent). I now also run a rinse cycle before and after washing and set it to a larger load on the machine to wash with more water. This has helped tremendously along with hanging them in the sun to dry. This week, I rigged up a clothesline in my flower bed that works great. The sun does wonders at getting out any ugly skid marks too!

We have traveled with them twice. Both times with a washing machine on hand, though with two days worth, we didn't have to wash any on our weekend trip. He pretty much wears them all the time except in the church nursery. I work there once a month, and the volunteers don't need any curve balls thrown at them...they get enough! We have had very little issue with leaks, only a few times when we first got them and I was still trying to figure out how tight to set the elastic in the legs. With FuzziBunz they were easy to adjust and solved the problem quickly. I could see where not having adjustable legs and waist could be bad.

The only frustration I have now is with the disposable wipes. With disposable diapers, they get shoved inside and thrown out, but now I have to find a place to put them. I don't have a waste basket in Rylin's room because he would empty it every time I left his sight. At first, I just used an old wipes container and emptied it when I washed the diapers, but that seemed gross. I am thinking now I will purchase some cloth wipes. I told Jordan this after a week or so in, and he quickly reminded me..."baby steps, baby steps"! So I told him I'd give him some time to get used to the cloth diapers first. He's really been great, though. He has only complained once (at the beginning) and other than that is a good supportive husband!

So yes, the cloth diapers have been a success! I'm sold!

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