Monday, March 7, 2011

Crosby Cash

As I said before, I have been more than consumed this month preparing for the arrival of Rylin's new little cousin (designing the nursery, planning a baby shower, and quilting...yes, quilting). I'd like to catch you up on the last two weeks.

You may remember me blogging here about my cousin Crystal and her husband Rick who were expecting. Crystal, her sister Candyce, and I are all less than two years apart and have grown up very close to each other. I can honestly say they are two of my best friends and like sisters to me. So when Crystal found out she was pregnant, I was super excited (especially with the prospect of Rylin getting a playmate close to his age). Crystal doesn't have much desire for decorating or anything related so I was happy to take over when she asked me for some nursery help. We have had fun planning and shopping over the last several months, and as her due date was approaching (April 7th), we had decided that I would pay her a visit last weekend to help put everything together and deliver the funiture we bought in Dallas.

In the mean time, Candyce and I, along with some other family and friends began planning a shower. When I got married, my family made me a special quilt with squares decorated by different people presented to me at my bridal shower. I knew Crystal had liked it, so this ambitious girl decided I would round the troops and make her a baby quilt in the same way. Needless to say, it was a little difficult getting my family organized. The last squares were returned to me one week prior to the shower (one month past the deadline)! So I headed to my Mom's house to have my grandmother help me put it together while MiMi babysat. By Wednesday night, I had about quilted my fingers to the bone, but could see the end in sight...when we got the call. Crystal was admitted to the hospital with high blood pressure and they would induce in the morning. We were excited but scared and waited anxiously. On Thursday morning Crosby Cash was born happy and healthy, six weeks early at just 3 lbs 13 oz...but over 17" long! I finished that quilt just in time!
tiny and perfect

As you know from my own baby shower experience, my family believes..."the show must go on", and so, the shower preparations continued despite the fact our guest of honor would not be there! Saturday turned out to be a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed the quilt. I video taped the entire event for Crystal to watch, complete with well wishes from each guest and a full documentary of our parking lot cake cutting (because we got kicked out of the party room for running over time).

Cute as a Button theme

Our guest sign in...glue on a button "leaf" and write your name
diaper cake and my first attempt at a sock monkey
parking lot cake cutting
Proud Aunts and Grandmother
Those that stuck around for cake...

As planned, I headed to Crystal & Ricks the following Friday so that the nursery would be ready when little Crosby came home from the hospital. While Rick feverishly (more like ssslllooowwwlllyyy) painted the room, Candyce and I shopped, returned gifts, shopped, washed blankets and clothes, shopped, did a few "projects", shopped, and decorated the room. We had a big reveal for Crystal on Sunday afternoon and she was quite impressed. Crosby has the coolest room in the house...but that's not saying much since they are still waiting on me to get to decorating the other ones!


  1. i hadn't known you are so talented at creativeness!! or maybe i'd forgotten! love it all! tell me about the abcs framed in the nursery- love it!

  2. thanks! for the alpha art, we used wood and chip board letters on top of frame with glass that we painted the back of gray.

  3. you are crazy talented. a sock monkey? seriously? where is your etsy shop? :)

  4. Sooooooo cute!!! I wish you lived closer to help me :) Nice job lady!