Friday, July 9, 2010

Week at MiMi & Papa's

Rylin and I left last Friday and spent the weekend at my Mom and Dad's. Jordan joined us on Saturday and we had a nice 4th of July. My Dad cooked out and my brother brought over fireworks. (They live in the country so you can get away with that!) Rylin slept through the whole thing...which is probably good considering he doesn't like loud noises.

The rest of the week my Mom and I went through and organized old pictures in our search to put together a family cookbook and Rylin played with his cousin Luke, who he is quite enamored with.

On Tuesday night, I took Rylin to visit my Grandmother. She cooked us a fresh-from-the-garden dinner and we had a good time visiting. Rylin loves to "cheese" for the camera now!

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