Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big Enough for a Car Seat?

We said goodbye to an old friend of the family this week. The Blue Goose has been Jordan's faithful ride for the last six years (20,000 miles), but we knew his days were numbered when Jordan found out that his two mile commute would soon turn to thirty because his department was changing offices, and that a car seat would soon need to be added. After much toiling over prices, mileage, models, colors, and a number of other details pertaining to the plethora of used cars available, Jordan finally settled on a 2001 Ford F150 Crew Cab. A few fun facts..
Blue Goose vs. *New Truck*
(still working on a name)

made the year Jordan turned four vs. made the year Jordan went to college
chipped and rusted blue paint vs. shiny silver
no AC vs. cold AC
radio busted vs. tape deck (yes!)
scratchy wool interior that once was sprayed with Dr. Pepper in a near car jacking(ask me about this later) vs. clean, plush velvety grey interior
bed that holds a chair vs. bed that holds a bed
2 doors, one bench seat vs. 4 doors, roomy back seat
stick shift Jordan won't let Angela drive vs. automatic Angela is already trying to sneak to work
bringing the neighborhood home values down vs. making our neighbors jealous

Jordan is happy that the Blue Goose will be joining the Woodworks By Wines fleet (my Dad's small construction crew) and he will still get to visit on holidays.


  1. Maybe we should have seen if the white Maxima wanted to join the Woodwords by Wines fleet!

  2. Name suggestion: Silver Eagle